Hello, my name is Hazel. I am an artist, and I take photographs. Here is a little window into the way that I work.  If I am creating a family portrait for you, I want to get to know you... to talk about the little things that make you and your family unique. I want to work with you to come up with a series of images that are undeniably 'you'. There will be no generic props and only a small proportion of our time will be spent posing as I much prefer the more natural moments that follow (although with little ones there may-or-may-not be a tiny bit of chocolate button incentive!). What I would like most of all is for us to create something together. We dream and we scheme until we have an idea that is just-so-perfectly all about you. You in your habitat, in your environment, your favourite park or somewhere that suits you, surrounded by the people that you love. 

Please do have a browse of my work, and I would love for you to get in touch so we can scheme something marvellous together.

Hazel ^_^