Hello people! 

Sometimes, I can't put my finger on what exactly it is about a particular photograph that holds my attention for a little longer than the others. When I think back to my own photographs from childhood, it's a holiday image of myself and my siblings, retro toys strewn across the caravan and all 3 of us standing in a line wearing fluorescent life-jackets, getting ready to take a boat out on the lake. Perhaps it's my little brother's little chunky legs in a triangular pose and his utterly proud, beaming stare - he took his first steps on that holiday and spent the whole journey home kissing his new shoes. Perhaps it's my sister's hilarious closed-mouth grin. Despite much encouragement from my parents to get a 'proper' smile out of her, she always stuck her chin out and refused to show even a glimmer of teeth. The artist in me LOVES to pose and compose the 'perfect' photograph, and I find immense satisfaction in seeing the colour palette of your chosen outfits gently 'pop' against the lush, green natural frame made by the trees behind you. This takes up a small portion of my shooting time because the hopeless nostalgic in me thrives off the images that happen just seconds later, when you collapse in a  heap of giggles, or your toddler starts to use his welly as a telephone, or perhaps on your wedding day your husband says something goofy that just makes you erupt with laughter. These are the images that make my heart sing - these are the images I would grab in a fire! I take great joy in photographing families and weddings - anything that celebrates the beauty of relationships - and would be utterly honoured to capture yours. 

~ Hazel Hughes ~